Friday, March 20, 2009

You don't sing me love songs anymore.....

So, hubby and I were watching American Idol the other night and after we listened to one of the contestants sing a love song I turned to him and said, "why don't you sing to me?" This has been an ongoing question of mine for several years. I really enjoy his voice and it would mean so much to me if he sang to me every once in awhile.

Now please taken into consideration my hubby used to be the lead singer in a band for many years before we met and he when I first came to NC to visit him he sang to me in the car and he sang at our wedding. So, I know he can sing and he sings very well.

I told him he could have sang me a nice song on Valentine's Day. He of course said, "you were sick." I told him I still would have enjoyed it even while sneezing, blowing my nose and coughing. He did not see the joy it.

I know singing is not at the top of his priority list right now....taking care of his family is. And I know that he feels that he has not really sang in so long that makes him uncomfortable.....guess he wants to sound just right, but I'm not looking for a concert. Just a nice simple, sweet song from the man I love.