Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

Okay this is going to sound kind of weird, but have you ever thought of what your hubby/ spouse would say about you at your funeral when you died? I don't know...but when I see tv shows and they start saying, she was a loving wife, a caring mom who always put her kids first and so patient...she was a wonderful cook and her door was always open....she kept a spotless house....she helped out all the time and never said no....she was the perfect wife, mother and friend.

Is that you? Maybe it is and God bless you for being able to pull it all together. But I know that's not me because by 1pm I'm usually already done for the day after....getting hubby out the door, kids breakfast, hopefully having my bible study time, reading email, the news and other blogs( I need my morning dose and laugh), doing dishes, laundry-the millionth load, breaking up 6 squabbles, picking pillows up off the floor that belong on the sofa for the 10th time that morning, homeschooling my 7 year old and being interrupted 10 times by my 4 year old-which seems to only happen when I am homeschooling, vacuuming, sweeping, and sometimes already getting dinner ready for that evening and who knows what else I am tired and ready for bed.

I joke with my hubby when those moments come on tv shows. He would probably say nothing close to what they say. It might go something like this.....I should have known when I married a girl that I met on the internet and that was from Los Angeles...she tried to provide a comfortable home for her family...she tried to be patient...she made a great mac n cheese....the house was clean when company came over....I know she loved to sleep, she loved her children when they were sleeping, she was her most happiest when she was sleeping....you could always find her in her favorite spot-the bed ,sleeping.

Is it bedtime yet?

Friday, November 21, 2008

What a difference a nite makes...

As I drifted off into to never, never land last nite I thought about a few things to write about on my blog and some of it was even funny. Well, at least I thought so. But wouldn't you know it this morning I am drawing a blank.

Perhaps after my morning coffee I will remember what I was thinking about and laughing about so y'all are not left in suspense the whole weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, here goes...

I thought I would start a blog after reading others and thought it would be a good place for me to write down my days events good or bad even though I am no writer or comedian.

I also thought it would be nice to have a place to write down things that I am feeling that I may not want to necessarily chat about, but I know that I am getting it out....once again good or bad.

So, here goes........