Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another day in the life of a mom....

So, 2 weeks ago Jessie and Noah were playing upstairs rough housing, running, jumping, giggling and just having fun...that is until someone got hurt. The older brother pulled on the little sisters arm just a little too hard and she was hurt.

I didn't hear any major crying, so I really didn't think much of it, but Noah tells me, "mom you better come check on Jessie she is crying." So, I go to her and the reason I didn't hear her crying was because she was lying on her tummy on the floor with half her body under the bed.

Now my daughter is a whiner, can be a little dramatic, produces crocodile tears but she rarely ever really, really cries. She was really crying and I was scared. So I try to move her and she cries more and I ask Noah, "what did you do?" and instruct him to go get my phone. He returns and starts crying. So now I have 2 kids crying, one that might have a really hurt arm and one who is feeling really, really bad about what he did.

I get Jessie to move her arm a little, I touch it up and down - you know exam it and I don't see anything poking out, no blood or bruising, but the girl is still freaking out. Again, she does not REALLY cry a lot. So, I decide we better get her to the doctors to get her checked out. Side note: when Noah was 3 he broke his leg - we called the paramedics and BOTH of them said it was NOT broken. By 3am we decided to take him to the emergency room in the morning because he cried off and on all night and was in a lot of pain when he moved his leg in certain positions. And guess what it was broken. So since we lived through that, I needed to make sure her arm was not broken.

So, off the doctors where she freaks out even more - again not like her. My head is hurting, my heart is breaking , I'm trying not to cry and I can't get a hold of my husband. The one time I really need him and I can't get him on his cell phone and I can't get him to pick-up when I call his job. I am serious the one time.

The doctor tries to exam my daughter who is freaking out, screaming and yelling, "mommie no, mommie no!!!"...and won't let the doctor touch her arm so the doctor leaves and lets her calm down a bit and I finely get her to point to where it really hurts....that is after I ask her if she wants to leave and she says yes, so I say tell me where it hurts. So, she does and I tell the doctor when she returns and she finally checks out her arm and we don't think anything is broken at this point, but to be sure she should get an x-ray. Jessie is not happy with this idea at all.

I try to call Brian again as we leave the doctor's office and head to the hospital for an x-ray. Again I can't get him and tell the receptionist if and when she sees him tell him I am taking his daughter to get an x-ray on her arm. I get a hold of my sister-in-law and she meets me in a parking lot and takes Noah, so I can concentrate on Jessie and as we head to get her x-ray daddy finally calls. He was in a meeting and could not answer the phone. The one time I really needed him- go figure.

So, Jessie gets an x-ray nothing is broken, daddy meets us at the hospital after the x-ray and another 2 screaming spells and an old technician guy who had no business working with kids - another side note:he told Jessie she wasn't going to get dinner if we here for 4 hours trying to take the x-ray. I ignored him, said many prayers, told myself that guys lucky Brian was not there to hear him talk to Jessie that way and I just talked and sang to Jessie and she finally let them x-ray her arm.

We head back to aunt Kathy's house to get Noah and the kids enjoy some ice cream, before dinner and we finally make it home. She had a rough first night and did not move her arm normally again till about 4 days later because it was probably a stiff and sore and for some tender loving care attention.

Another day in the life of a mom. But God is good and we all survived - well except for Noah - we told him that when the hospital bill comes it's coming out of his commission(allowance).