Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ABC's of me!

I was on Facebook this morning - what's new about that??? Nothing. LOL! Anyway, I went to my notes section and saw this "ABC's of Me" that I did in April and thought why not post it on my blog. So, here it is...enjoy!

A Ananda - my real name
B Brian - my hubby
C Christ my Lord and Savior
D Disneyland a place I miss!
E Enchilada's - that's whats for dinner
F Fun on FB!
G Grace- by grace I am saved
H Happy home filled w/hugs!
I Internet(Christian chatroom) where I met my hubby
J Jessie - my sweet little girl
K King of Kings!
L Live, Laugh & Love
M Mexican food - good mexican food that I miss from L.A.
N Noah- my sweet little boy
O Old - starting to feel that way
P Pasta - how many times a week can we have it for dinner?
Q Quiet time (thanks Stacey)
R Raggers - YMCAS
Stacey - my friend who makes me SMILET
Time- never have enough
U Upwards Basketball
V Visit - I dont visit L.A. enough
W Water - my favorite drink
X X-Ray - both my kids have had one-Noah has had several
Y Young - oh to be young again
Z Zoo- sometimes I feel like I live in one & I only have 2 kids-maybe it's the 2 kids, a husband, a dog and now an iguana