Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here is my sweet little girl all dressed up for a special Mother-Daughter Tea that we attended at church. The interesting part or frustrating part is that once we finally got there she did not want to stay.

So, the church we have been attending was having a Mother-Daughter Tea and I debated about taking Jessie because one will she sit through it and she is not a sitter and two because she would not eat anything anyway. But when I finally decided to go - because one I knew it was about the experience and memories for her and I and two she could really enjoy it because it was a "tea" and she can get all dressed up - I came to find out that, they were full! The response had been overwhelming...but since I was invited by a sweet friend to sit at her table they said they would get back to me to see if we could attend.

Well, we were able to attend - she enjoyed the first 30 minutes sitting with her friend and looking at all the pretty decorations, taking pictures, playing a game and drinking some water out of her tea cup she was ready to leave. I knew it - a mother is usually always right -does that make sense? Usually always right.....hmmmm. She didn't eat any of the food offered - luckily I brought food for her. We made it through the meal to dessert which she did not want - with her only asking 5 times about going home and getting out of her seat 40 times. I will say it was right during her nap time so she was showing signs of no nap and when we went home she crashed.

Hopefully as she gets older she will have some memory of mommy and her spending the day together and will enjoy not just the dressing up but all the fun involved when attending special events like these.


A.Marie said...

Hi! I am a fan of Stacey's blog, and that is how I found your blog! I really like your post on the Mother/Daughter Tea. Your little girl reminds me of how my daughter was at that age! :)

Nani said...

Hi! As you can see I am no writter and dont update my blog enough, but welcome! Yes, Stacey is wonderful and cracks me up daily. She is such a blessing to me - she reminds me to laugh daily- and we all need that.