Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day has yet to turn into a relaxing-fun day for me and I have been a mother for 7yrs now. Don't get me wrong I am blessed, very blessed with a wonderful loving hubby and two beautiful children who love Lord - but Mother's Day never turns out to be the day I have imagined.

This is what I imagine....sleeping to noon like I use to before I had kids - and not feeling guilty about it. When I do wake-up there is no one else home so I can come downstairs have some coffee and watch tv or sit at the computer with no one asking for something. Then I get dressed go shopping and actually buy whatever I want - no really, with no need to bother about how much I can spend or not spend. Then it's either on to a movie or scrapbooking at Archivers. And last but not least a wonderful dinner at a restaurant with my family.

Did you see anything about cleaning, doing laundry, fussing at the kids or hunting for my lost dog? Nope, none of that, nada!

This is what did happen.....the nite before Mother's Day we had a little bit of a storm and it tore some major branches on a big tree in between or house and a neighbors so the plan on Mother's Day was to take those branches down - no small task.

Relatives had to be called in to help out - so that meant I had to clean! Yes, clean - vacuum, dust, sweep, mop, clean the bathroom etc. Don't get me wrong the house was not filthy, but these particular family members are neat freaks - you could eat off their floor - no really you could.

After that was done I made dinner and we ran out to the store to do some lite grocery shopping and pick-up a salad for me for Mother's Day at Applebee's. I may have to cook Brian dinner, but I was not cooking mine. I will say I was really shocked how many moms were shopping that nite with kids and no hubby. At least my hubby was with me.

Then we get home put away the groceries, eat and I ask Brian have you seen Freddie? Freddie is our dog. We go on a major hunt upstairs, downstairs, outside - because Freddie usually comes running when we get home and one of the reasons we went to the store was to buy him dog food. No Freddie to be found. He got out while Brian was cutting down the branches and the gate was left open and of course he had no tags on - because we gave him a bath and never put them back on - but that wouldn't have mattered anyway - the phone number on the tags was old.

I hopped in my van with the kids, Brian hopped in his truck and we were off roaming the neighborhood for a dog that never leaves the house except to go in the backyard to do his business and his yearly trip to the vet.

We start praying and yelling his name and I call the same relatives from earlier and ask them to pray and they get in their cars to come help find him and I start crying and Noah starts crying. It was not fun.

Brian calls me with some news that someone had found a dog and was asking neighbors if this was their dog. So with the help of God we find this guy because his daughter who just happened to be out on her porch heard me calling out for Freddie told her dad and he got in his truck and found Brian. These wonderful people cared for Freddie even after he attacked their dog and tried to find Freddie's owners. But they finally had to call animal control because they could not keep him and could not find us.

So Freddie had a sleepover at animal control - cost to spring him out the next day -$150 and of course I had a horrible nite of no sleep wondering if my 4-legged boy was okay. (Didn't I tell you - bought the Wii and then an unexpected expense came up! See paragraph below)

Now for the good part........My hubby did get me some beautiful red, pink orange roses that were actually delivered! And of course I was not home, I was out with the kids. We also finally got a Wii that we had been talking about for awhile and Brian really wanted to get it for me even after I said let's wait - you know the whole money issue - not wanting to spend it because as soon as we do something will break down or happen and then I will feel bad we got the Wii. I also did go to Kohl's to buy a purse that was on sale and I had a 15% off coupon for my whole purchase - so I did buy some sandals too and I was very proud that both together were only $30.00. We did find Freddie and knew he was safe even if he was not home. And I do know that I have an awesome hubby, kids and God who love me very much and not just on Mother's Day but all year long.

Wonder what next Mother's Day will bring.....

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