Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ABC's of me!

I was on Facebook this morning - what's new about that??? Nothing. LOL! Anyway, I went to my notes section and saw this "ABC's of Me" that I did in April and thought why not post it on my blog. So, here it is...enjoy!

A Ananda - my real name
B Brian - my hubby
C Christ my Lord and Savior
D Disneyland a place I miss!
E Enchilada's - that's whats for dinner
F Fun on FB!
G Grace- by grace I am saved
H Happy home filled w/hugs!
I Internet(Christian chatroom) where I met my hubby
J Jessie - my sweet little girl
K King of Kings!
L Live, Laugh & Love
M Mexican food - good mexican food that I miss from L.A.
N Noah- my sweet little boy
O Old - starting to feel that way
P Pasta - how many times a week can we have it for dinner?
Q Quiet time (thanks Stacey)
R Raggers - YMCAS
Stacey - my friend who makes me SMILET
Time- never have enough
U Upwards Basketball
V Visit - I dont visit L.A. enough
W Water - my favorite drink
X X-Ray - both my kids have had one-Noah has had several
Y Young - oh to be young again
Z Zoo- sometimes I feel like I live in one & I only have 2 kids-maybe it's the 2 kids, a husband, a dog and now an iguana

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StaceyC4 said...

I love those things! I just nominated your blog for the "Lovely Blog Award". Cool, right? Anyway, you can come by my blog later today and check it out.

Hey, are you coming to Alison's on Tuesday?