Monday, January 26, 2009

Whatever you call it, it stinks!

Okay, so I am going to talk about bodily fluids. Not blood, mucus or anything like that. But urine, pee. Why you ask? Because since I was a little girl for some reason cleaning the bathroom has been my job which includes the wonderful toilet, the commode, the john, or the potty. Whatever you call it, it still stinks to clean.

I really dislike cleaning the potty not only because you are dealing with someone else's pee, but because I don't pee on the side of the toilet or the back of the toilet or on the floor or on the's not my pee that needs cleaning up! I know how to use the potty! And let's be honest it's just not one of those fun chores no matter what handy dandy little new cleaning toy the companies come out with. And really no chores are fun, at least for me. This is one of things God is still working on with me. In all things be happy - even cleaning. I need lots of prayer in this area. I don't mind cleaning up once, but to turn around 5 minutes later to only find a mess again is a little frustrating at times.

Anyway I go to use the potty the other day and there is pee on the back of the toilet. And of course I clean it, not only so I have a clean potty to use, but because it's not sanitary and of course I would like a bad, lazy wife and mom for not cleaning it. And later I tell hubby that he and my son Noah need to have another lesson in how to properly aim when using the potty. Of course hubby blames the boy. I think I might be passing on another chore.....the boy is getting older and perhaps this will make his aim better. It's a shot.

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