Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When they say, "Don't worry mommie" you worry!

So, Jessie once again surprises me with her very unique personality. I see her in the hallway with her brush and the detangling spray that I use on her hair. I ask her to put it back so she does not waste the spray. About 10 minutes later I am walking past her and look at her and her hair looks really wet and slicked back. I take a double take and wonder what has she done to her hair!

I ask her to come closer and upon closer viewing discover she has cut her bangs! Not just a little, but a lot and very short. I ask her, "what was she thinking?" She does not answer. I go to the hallway where I saw her brushing her hair, no hair....so I ask her, "where did you cut your hair?" She shows me the evidence and lots of it in the kitchen, which makes for easy clean up.

I bag up the hair and we go sit to have a little chat while I examine herself haircut a little closer. I ask her, " what was she thinking and why did she think it was okay to cut her hair?" She just lowered her head and finally answered, "mommie, don't worry it's only hair and it will grow back." All I can say is, "oh Jessie" and think ya it will grow back but not till summer and that's 5 months away!

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