Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Hunt Continues

So, there is a new family run Christian bookstore in Wake Forest and my hubby went to check it out the other day. I checked it out a few weeks backs when I just needed to get out without the family. He bought a few things for the kids for Christmas and bought me a button that says -It's okay to say Merry Christmas. He also tells me that he put 2 shirts aside that he really liked for himself. So, with Christmas coming I took that as a hint to buy them for him. Like any other normal person would....right??

The kids and I went to the store yesterday to buy him the shirts and they were excited to buy daddy a present. So, I ask the gentleman behind the counter, who happens to be the owner about the shirts my husband put on hold. He says, "he's the guy from New York?'....and I say "yes, he is from New York." He continues to tell me how he is from New York too and starts looking for the shirts. He can't find them.

I start looking around the store giving him a few minutes to look for them and telling Jessie to stop touching everything. She is my toucher - if you can reach it, she will touch it - even after telling her not to. This girl just can't help herself. Noah never did that...he would listen and not touch.

So, I come back and he says the shirts are not there. He says we would not have put them back....and asks me, "did he pick them up?" I said, "I didn't see any new shirts to wash." So, we chat a bit, he calls his wife and asks her if the guy from New York came and picked up the shirts and she said, "yes, but just one."

My hubby can be such a......dare I say idiot which I picked up from watching Everybody Loves Raymond- side note we loved that show - no more good, fun comedy shows anymore.

So, I look around the store for a bit to see if we can find something nice for daddy, but no luck. Hubby does not wear ties, has no need for a very nice pen and reads only certain books - he is not a reader. Meanwhile, both kids have gone potty, Noah started a chess game with a friend we ran into from church and Jessie has rearranged the furniture and asked if I could buy her a million things.

So, we get back to the car and I call him and fuss at him....poor guy. He just wanted a shirt and he has been working very hard the past couple of weeks. Especially yesterday - he did not get home from work till after 12:30am and he started at 8:00am. He actually had to go back to work this morning - a Saturday for a few hours because they weren't done with installing the new phones. He says he can't wait for the overtime check and I can't wait to find him a Christmas gift.

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