Monday, December 1, 2008

TOP SECRET Thanksgiving

As I sat down to EAT and celebrate another Thanksgiving with my hubby's family and without my family from Los Angeles I reflected on the many holiday meals I had with my family. My grandma made the best stuffing and when she did the turkey which was most of the time she got up very early and I loved waking up to the yummy smell of turkey cooking. When uncle Joe was around-he made the most moist turkey you ever had. Everything always tasted so good. I really looked forward to enjoying a good Thanksgiving meal. The pies came from Marie Calendars and everything was so good....did I say sooooooooo good? It really was.

What I am about to tell you is TOP secret....don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I am sad to say now that's not the case. Please don't get me wrong I appreciate my hubby's side of the family and love them dearly and I enjoy the fact I don't have to cook a turkey since one, my hubby is a vegetarian and two, I probably would not get it right myself but I truly miss a really, really good, tasty Thanksgiving meal.

My hubby feels the same even though he really only eats the mashed potatoes , corn and biscuits. He had me promise to come home and make him mashed potatoes over the weekend. He LOVES my mashed potatoes and really, really dislikes everyone else's. It could be my secret ingredient.

I wonder if it really is the way the food is cooked or if I just miss my family from Los Angeles....I think I will go with the way the food is cooked.

And yes that's my grandma cooking a turkey. I love her to pieces!

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